TeX Versioning System

This is homepage of TeX Versioning System, system for storing complete source of TeX documents.

What TVS can do for you

Although TeX guarantees the ability of getting the same results when typesetting a document. In real life, it is not so easy as the document look usually depends on lots of files, e.g. macros, styles.

If you need to be able to get the same output wherever and whenever you typeset your documents, you need TVS.

TVS can find all the files needed to typeset your TeX document and pack them together so as you can always re-typeset the document and obtain exactly the same results.

TVS is a platform independent Perl script, it's documentation comes in Texinfo format. TVS is free, distributed under terms of General Public License.

For all information about TVS, please read the documentation.


You may get the documentation in various formats:


Here you can download TVS by files or gzipped tar file.


TVS was written and is maintained by David Antos, xantos (at) fi.muni.cz.

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