CRAN Task View: Missing Data

Maintainer:Julie Josse, Imke Mayer, Nicholas Tierney, Nathalie Vialaneix
Contact:r-miss-tastic at
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Citation:Julie Josse, Imke Mayer, Nicholas Tierney, Nathalie Vialaneix (2024). CRAN Task View: Missing Data. Version 2024-06-20. URL
Installation:The packages from this task view can be installed automatically using the ctv package. For example, ctv::install.views("MissingData", coreOnly = TRUE) installs all the core packages or ctv::update.views("MissingData") installs all packages that are not yet installed and up-to-date. See the CRAN Task View Initiative for more details.

Missing data are very frequently found in datasets. Base R provides a few options to handle them using computations that involve only observed data (na.rm = TRUE in functions mean, var, … or use = complete.obs|na.or.complete|pairwise.complete.obs in functions cov, cor, …). The base package stats also contains the generic function na.action that extracts information of the NA action used to create an object. In addition, the package ie2misc contains a dyadic operator + that behaves differently than the original + operator regarding missing data.

These basic options are complemented by many packages on CRAN. In this task view, we focused on the most important ones, which have been published more than one year ago and are regularly updated. The task view is structured into main topics:

In addition to the present task view, this reference website on missing data might also be helpful. Complementary information might also be found in TimeSeries, SpatioTemporal, Survival, and OfficialStatistics. Note that most packages covering temporal, and spatio-temporal interpolation and censored data are not covered by the Missing Data task view.

If you think we have missed some important packages in this list, please e-mail the maintainers or submit an issue or pull request in the GitHub repository linked above.

Exploration of missing data

Likelihood based approaches

Single imputation

Multiple imputation

Some of the above mentioned packages can also handle multiple imputations.

Weighting methods

Specific types of data

Specific tasks

Specific application fields

CRAN packages

Core:Amelia, hot.deck, imputeTS, jomo, mice, missMDA, naniar, softImpute, VIM, yaImpute.
Regular:accelmissing, ade4, AeRobiology, aLFQ, alleHap, areal, bayesCT, BayesMallows, bcROCsurface, biclustermd, BIFIEsurvey, bild, BLOQ, bmem, bmemLavaan, BMTAR, bnstruct, bootImpute, brlrmr, brokenstick, brxx, CALIBERrfimpute, cat, CensMFM, cglasso, CGManalyzer, climatol, ClusPred, ClustImpute, CMF, cmfrec, cobalt, coefficientalpha, CoImp, COINr, cold, convergEU, creditmodel, CRTgeeDR, daqapo, declared, deductive, dejaVu, denoiseR, DescTools, didimputation, diyar, dosearch, DrImpute, DTSg, DTWBI, DTWUMI, eatRep, ECLRMC, edmcr, eicm, eigenmodel, eimpute, eRm, exdex, experiment, FamEvent, FastImputation, fastLink, fauxnaif, FHDI, FILEST, filling, fillr, flare, forecast, gapfill, gbmt, geneticae, gerbil, ggmice, grf, GSE, gsynth, hapassoc, Haplin, HardyWeinberg, hhsmm, Hmisc, iai, iCellR, icenReg, ie2misc, imp4p, impimp, imputeFin, imputeLCMD, imputeMulti, imputeR, imputeTestbench, IncomPair, InformativeCensoring, ipw, IPWboxplot, irrNA, Iscores, isni, isotree, iWeigReg, JointAI, lavaan, lfl, lilikoi, LNIRT, lodi, lori, LOST, lqr, ltm, LUCIDus, MatchThem, mde, mdgc, mdmb, memisc, metagear, metansue, metasens, metavcov, MGMM, mi, mi4p, miceadds, miceafter, miceFast, micemd, miceRanger, miclust, migui, MIIPW, mimi, mirt, misaem, missCompare, missForest, missingHE, missMethods, missRanger, missSBM, missSOM, misty, mitml, mitools, miWQS, mix, mixture, MixtureMissing, MKinfer, MLCIRTwithin, mlmi, MMDai, modi, momentuHMM, monomvn, mreg, mvnmle, naivebayes, nawtilus, niaidMI, NIMAA, nipals, NIRStat, NMADiagT, norm, NPBayesImputeCat, OpenMx, OTrecod, padr, pan, paths, pCODE, phylin, PKLMtest, plsRbeta, plsRglm, ppmSuite, prefmod, PReMiuM, primePCA, prophet, pseval, psfmi, qpNCA, QTLRel, Qtools, QUALYPSO, R6causal, randomForest, RBtest, RCAL, RcppCensSpatial, retroharmonize, RfEmpImp, Rforestry, rMIDAS, RMixtComp, RMixtCompIO, RMixtCompUtilities, RNAseqNet, rnmamod, robber, robCompositions, robustrank, robustrao, roperators, ROptSpace, Rphylopars, rrcovNA, rsem, rsparse, rtop, sanon, SAVER, scorecardModelUtils, semTools, sievePH, simFrame, simglm, simputation, simsem, sjlabelled, sjmisc, smcfcs, SNPassoc, SNPfiltR, SOMbrero, spacetime, StAMPP, StatMatch, StempCens, stfit, stlplus, StratifiedRF, SurrogateRegression, swgee, SynthTools, TAM, targeted, tensorBF, TestDataImputation, tidyr, timeSeries, toweranNA, TreeSim, TRMF, tsibble, tsrobprep, ui, VarSelLCM, wrangle, wrProteo, xts, zCompositions, zoo.

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