4/21/2022 forsearch version 2.3.0

 Major changes:


 Moderate changes:

Modify forsearch_lm, forsearch_lme, and forsearch_glm to add small random terms to independent variables when some values 0 Correct subgroup selection procedure in forsearch_lme Calculate root mean square of random coefficients instead of the coefficients themselves in forsearch_lme
Correct plotdiag.params.random to correspond with changed calculation of RMS Add plotdiag.fit3 to plot AIC, BIC, and log likelihood for forsearch_lme objects

 Minor changes and bug fixes:

Print summary of assumed analysis in forsearch_lm and in forsearch_lme to permit formulation check Modify README and documentation of functions

3/24/2022 forsearch version 2.2.0

Clean up README and help files Modify forsearch_glm to handle observations of 0 or N (binomial)

3/17/2022 forsearch version 2.1.0

Correct the omission of README file

3/16/2022 forsearch version 2.0.0

Major changes:

Added forsearch_glm() function Added plotdiag.deviance.residuals() function Added plotdiag.phihatx() function Added plotdiag.AICX() function Added plotdiag.deviances() function

Moderate changes:

Added the collection of t statistics in forsearch_lm() and forsearch_lme() for subsequent plotting Added plotdiag.tstats() function to plot t statistics Added showmegl() function Changed some existing plotdiag functions to accommodate forsearch_glm()

Minor changes and bug fixes:

Added t statistics to list of summary prints in showme() and showmelme() Modified search.history() to account for case when all current observations replaced by new ones Enabled user to enter caption on all graphs Corrected 2nd example in README file Updated README file Removed extra squaring of response in plotdiag.residuals() function

1/27/2022 forsearch version 1.0.0

First version of this package