Changes in 0.2.0 * Repairing for resubmission to CRAN * Adding compatibility with new versions of dplyr, tidyr and ggplot2 * Inbuilt support for binomial, glmmPQL and glmmTMB models

Changes in 0.1.8: * Fixes a bug in make_onset_data.

Changes in 0.1.7: * Compatible with dplyr > 0.5.0.
* Fixes issue described in https://github.com/jwdink/eyetrackingR/issues/57 * Fixes bug in add_aoi when only one AOI is added.

Changes in 0.1.6: * Allows for treatment-coded variables in lm or lmer time-bin or cluster analysis, via the “treatment_level” argument.

Changes in 0.1.5: * Fixes compatibility issue with latest version of lme4 package.

Changes in 0.1.4: * A variety of important bug-fixes for onset-contingent analysis. The rest of the package is unchanged.

Changes in 0.1.3:

Changes in 0.1.1: