dndR: Dungeons & Dragons Functions for Players and Dungeon Masters

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The goal of dndR is to provide a suite of Dungeons & Dragons (Fifth Edition a.k.a. “5e”) related functions to help both players and Dungeon Masters (DMs). Below are short descriptions of the functions currently included in dndR. I am always willing to expand that list though so if you have a DnD-related task that could be cool as a function, please post it as an Issue on this package’s GitHub repository!

You can also check out the pkgdown style website for this package here or a more–in my opinion–visually appealing vignette-style website I’ve created here. The latter website was created using Quarto.


You can install the development version of dndR from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

For Players and DMs

For DMs

Contributing Functions

If you’d like to contribute function scripts or ideas, that is more than welcome! For specific instructions check out CONTRIBUTING.md but at a glance:

Looking Ahead

I know that there are rumblings of a change to statistic modifiers becoming based on background rather than race so once those details are finalized I plan on creating a suite of functions that follow those guidelines. The extant functions follow “5e” rules as detailed in the Player’s Handbook (PHB) and Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG).