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PROsetta package provides functions for metric-linking of item parameters and producing crosswalk tables as used in the PROsetta Stone project.

The primary aim of the PROsetta Stone project (1RC4CA157236-01, PI: David Cella) is to develop and apply methods to link the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) measures with other related “legacy” instruments to expand the range of PRO assessment options within a common, standardized metric. The project identifies and applies appropriate linking methods that allow scores on a range of PRO instruments to be expressed as standardized T-score metrics linked to the PROMIS.


A common problem when using a variety of patient-reported outcome measures (PROs) for diverse populations and subgroups is establishing the comparability of scales or units on which the outcomes are reported. The lack of comparability in metrics (e.g., raw summed scores vs. scaled scores) among different PROs poses practical challenges in measuring and comparing effects across different studies.

Linking refers to establishing a relationship between scores on two different measures that are not necessarily designed to have the same content or target population. When tests are built in such a way that they differ in content or difficulty, linking must be conducted in order to establish a relationship between the test scores.

One technique, commonly referred to as equating, involves the process of converting the system of units of one measure to that of another. This process of deriving equivalent scores has been used successfully in educational assessment to compare test scores obtained from parallel or alternate forms that measure the same characteristic with equal precision.


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